Snooze Cube

65mm x 65mm x 60mm

Snooze and Abuse
The Snooze Cube is a small travel alarm clock, with an internal rechargable battery. The clock has the unique feature of being (almost) indestructible. Rather than a standard snooze button, the alarm offers morning blues relief in the form of violence towards an inanimate object. The clock can be slammed down, hit or thrown about in order to delay the alarm for set amount of time. The perfect gift for the not-quite-morning person.

The extreme approach is not however a necessity; for the those more relaxed morning awakenings a simple knock of alarm clock to bedside table will be sufficient to activate the snooze timer.

The alarm is then deactivated, and reset for the next morning, by a button hidden under a flap at the back of the clock, requiring a slightly higher level of consciousness to access.

A firm silicone outer casing offers both tactility and grip to the user, whilst providing all important shock absorbance and protection to the inner electronics. All settings / function buttons are hidden behind the rear flap, easily accessed when needed, but not accidentally altered during the morning struggle. All elements of the clock can be adjusted; from alarm occurrence, time and volume, to the length of snooze desired.

e: tom@mascdesign.co.uk